Class Of 1970 Night at Babes October 2009

Angie Skale MacGowen, Sandy Schneck Johnson, Nancy Morton Carr

hi there,
we have finalized our plans for the party on October 17th. 7 p.m. untl ???.    We are just calling it the Class of 1970 night at Babes.    We will have TV notification on WNDU and an ad in the paper.   I have printed on poster size paper the names of each missing classmate including the names of the postcards that were returned to us.    We plan to post that in  Babes hoping we have as fairly good turnout and they will be able to help us locate a few more.  We had aproximately 55 postcards returned, not bad out of 430 that were sent out!!
Can you send out an email to all "good" email addresses letthing them know about the Oct 17th  event?  I know that many won't be able to attend, but anyone who is close might drive in!
Let me know what you think. 
That's about all we discussed at our last meeting.  Except talking about the gift to classmates, and then talked a little more about the extra activities.  We have Renaldo Tripplet arranging for the band and Drum major to give us a show for the BHHS tour.   Working out plans for the wine tour, and golf outing. 
Probably too many at the meeting, and it seems hard to really get alot acomplished.  (too many converstations going on.)
Let me know if you can do the e- mailing. 

HOpe you're doing well!!



Angie Skale Macgowen, Rodney Kuntz, Charles Mitchell, Nancy Morton Carr
Earnest Lloyd, Loretta Tisdel, Don Hopkins
Jim Heeter, Jerry Mitchell, Cindy Bridges Hagler,
Dale Hagler, Nancy Morton Carr
Jim Heeter, Cindy Bridges Hagler, Nancy Morton Carr
Linda Salach Strebbs, Jerry Mitchell, Jim Heeter, Cindy Bridges Hhagler,
Dale Hagler, Judy Barchalk, Lila Megna
Lila Megna
Judy Barchalk
Jerry Mitchell, Don Hopkins, Earnest Lloyd



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