40th Class Reunion Update!

Meeting Summary 1/31/09

Class of 1970 BHHS class reunion planning meeting

*No. 1 Priority….find our classmates !!!!!  (We divided the master list between each of us and will work to get current information and find those missing by our next meeting.)

*No. 2 Priority…. Pick a date!       Our decision is…….August 21st.  6p.m. until?

*No. 3 priority…. Choose location     (Lake Michigan Hills) vs. (The Livery) we will check availability and   make final decision at the Feb. 28th meeting.

                                                       PANEL DISCUSSION

Poll for interest in combining St. Joe and BHHS night before party:     Don Gruntman will post a poll in BHHS forum regarding this issue.

 We met with David Knight and discussed his thoughts regarding combining the” night before party”.  He also talked about ideas regarding ways to find our classmates such as using a search engine that you pay for.  Kim Fowler has the capability to do some of this, but will have to limit the number due to the cost.  We felt that as each of complete our page (s) by our next meeting, we would then compile a list of those we have still not located and take that next step by joining a 24 hour on line service such as “People Search”.    

Entertainment:   Randy Poole?   D.J.  Anthony Catania?   (We will get price quotes on services)

Photographer:  Greg Rizzo, David Knight  (We will get price quotes on services)

NEWS LETTER TO CLASSMATES in the next few months mail a newsletter or questionnaire to get their feedback regarding ideas such as choosing a THEME (we could perhaps make it a contest and someone would win a prize or be able to attend dinner at no cost).   We would like to know if the majority would like a buffet dinner, or start a little later and provide heavy appetizers and / or finger food all night.  Our classmates would also give feedback on ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE, (vineyard tours/wine tasting at local winery’s, fishing, golf outing, BHHS tour, brunch on the beach (morning of/after) etc. or suggest other ideas.

NOTE FROM 30TH:  Classmates want time to mingle and talk!  We want to make sure that significant time is planned for this>


We will develop a more detailed list of “who’s doing what” as we move on.   As we all agreed, our priority in the next couple months is finding our classmates.  We’re all working on that!

Due to resources available we have decided the following:

Lila Megna:  Cost, location, and availability of reunion location.

Kim Fowler:  Hotel information/ transportation (if needed)

Sandy Johnson:    Printing / paper

Next Meeting:   Feb. 28, 2009     @    Northshore Inn.    1p.m.  (hopefully everyone will be able to make it, we missed those who couldn’t attend!)

There was a lot of excitement at the table, and so many thoughts flying around!  It’s going to be a great party/reunion.   For me personally, it was great to connect with former classmates after all these years! 

Randy, we missed you, (maybe we can pull you into the meeting via web meetings for the next meeting (I’ll work on that)


Sandy Johnson