40th Class Reunion Update!

Meeting Summary 3/28/09

BHHS Reunion Planning Meeting
Northshore Inn,  March 28, 2009

IN ATTENDANCE:  Kim Fowler, John Street (birthday boy), Sandy Johnson (birthday girl), Dee Parker, Loretta Tisdale, Judy Bartchalk, Jim Heeter, Doug First, Marie Catania

GUESTS:  Faye Jordon, Gloria Spiker, Sonya Martin….a great surprise!


Sandy brought copies of proposed post card to be sent to classmates.  Post card was approved, and we decided to have the cards ready to be mailed by next meeting which will be held on April 25th.  Same time….same bat channel.

The committee was able to locate several “missing” classmates, which have been sent to Randy Anderson.

Discussion was brought up around the use of other venues to locate remaining missing classmates.  We discussed the possibility of using Mail Max and Trade Lines to stuff with information regarding the planned reunion.    Judy and John were going to check into the price of an insert from our group. 

We were trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing this, and one consideration was how many would be wasted by having inserts fall out, not read, etc.   We decided to check into the price , just in case it was “cheap” .

We are still planning on running an AD in the newspaper in the future.

We discussed and agreed that it would be fun to  advertise a “Class of 1970” night at Babes or Paulies THIS summer. 

We felt that it would build excitement for the reunion next year, help us locate other classmates, and in general start the “chatter” as it were.   We would advertise the event in the newspaper along with street signs in front of the chosen location….not to mention e-mail and word of mouth.  WE decided to plan this for this coming August 2009.  Date to be determined by the end of May.

John Street will check with the courthouse to see if any of our “missing” classmates are listed as “deceased”

So far at this meeting we have determined that  Anthony Evans and LeRoy Jackson  are sadly deceased.

The committee decided to have our music done by Tony Catania.  At a cost of $300 less than Mr. Poole, we decided to go that route.  Marie Catania will secure our date and price with Dale Owens.

Sandy Johnson will bring brochures for the next meeting to choose a “give away” gift for the reunion.  Some thoughts and suggestions so far have been picture frames, filled w/ post card, computer mouse pads w/ BHHS logo.  After seeing what is available and the cost we will decide on the gift at a later date

After the meeting the majority of us went to Paulies to “check out”   (right…) the bar for a potential meeting place for our summer “Class of 1970” party, set for sometime in August 09.   It was a good time,  and it was so nice to see Faye  and Gloria …hopefully they will join us often since they are so close…!

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting,  and for all the great ideas  that were thrown out there.   

See you all next month.