In attendance:  Don Gruntman, Sandy Johnson, Jerry Mitchell, John Street, Judy Barchalk, Loretta Tisdale, Dee Parker, Nancy Morton, Vicky Grulick, Lila Megna.

May 23rd Meeting attendees:  Don Gruntman, Sandy Johnson, Jerry Mitchell, Angie Skale, Nancy Morton, Faye Jordon, Dee Parker, Judy Barchalk, John Street.

Postcards were addressed at the meeting on May 23rd, and finalized at the meeting on June 27th. 

We had lunch at Lake Michigan Hills (our Reunion location) and viewed the banquet location.,  A deposit was put down to hold our date of July 31st, 2010. 

Food was discussed, but not finalized .  We have until July 17th  2010 to finalize that decision.   Angie Skale McGowan is going to call and discuss  cake  as our desert with Debbie Lerke who has provided that for past reunions.  Debbie formerly worked for Bit of Swiss bakery and all committee members were happy with that decision.

We determined the cost of the reunion to be $45.00 if paid by the 1st of June 2010,  $50.00 if paid by the 1st Of July, and $55.00 at the door.   Late entry fee was also discussed. 

We discussed ticket takers and greeters for the reunion .  Volunteers so far have been Charles Mitchell,  Debbie Schneck, and Cathy Lee Schneck.  Other names that came up were Steve Duran. 

There was discussion surrounding an 09 summer /early fall... Class of 1970 gathering at Babes. We will select a date at our next meeting and combine that with a newspaper advertisement, and Faye Jordan is looking into Chanel 16 news station to put out a free reminder on the day of the event.  We are hoping to start the excitement for the reunion  and gather other addresses for missing classmates. 

Other conversation revolved around classmate gifts,  group photographer,  and other considerations such as decorations, reunion program,  and invitation with questionnaire. 

Once again we discussed the extra activities such as our BHHS tour, wine tasting tour, and golf outing with an approximate tee time of 8a.m. on Saturday morning.

Sandy will send out an updated “missing classmates” list to all committee members as we continue to locate all on our list.

Committee members have agreed to pay their Reunion fee in advance to build our bank, as our account has been depleted with the down payment of the  hall and to pay for stamps and postcards.

Our next meeting will be held on July 25th at North Shore Inn at 1p.m.

Once again, we had a great  time!  It was great to see everyone. Thanks to everyone for their participation and great ideas!!


Sandy Schneck Johnson