July 28TH 1P.M.

Hi Don,
I think we discussed briefly last weekend, or I discussed with Judy after the meeting , the fact that I think that we should plan to meet "formally" maybe every other month? At least until January 2010.  We have tackled all the "big rocks " (decisions) such as:
Location:   Lake Michigan Hills
DJ:  Anthony Catania
Date:  July 31, 2010
Activities:  BHHS tour, Wine tasting, Golf
Greeters:  Charles Mitchell, Debbie Schneck, and Cathy Lee Schneck  (all three confirmed)
Gift for Classmates:  Picture frame (w/ BHHS class of 70 inscribed)
We will continue to search for "missing classmates" list .  I will send that out to all email addresses, or send it to Randy, as he may have an email loop created already. 
We still want to plan a Class of 70 evening for October.  Maybe the 10th or the 17th???
We don't have to decide the menu until a month or so before the reunion. 
I will check w/ Randy and post current and final reunion information to Classmates.
You and John Street are working on downloading yearbook Senior Pictures to be printed for name badges.
Can you think of anything else we need to decide before January?
We, you all, can still meet monthly if you like to of course! 
Hope you have a great week!   If you agree you can forward to the rest of the planning committee, and post next date for Reunion planning meeting for September 26th (we can discuss "class of 70 night" at Babes) at that meeting.  and arrange newspaper ad for the event a few weeks before.
Let me know what you think ! 
Talk to you soon!
Decorations, invitations, reunion program, and rest can be discussed in October to  January meetings.